Part 102 Certification

Part 102 Certification

Part 102 Unmanned Aircraft Operating Certificates (UAOC) are developed to allow operators to vary or change specific parts of Civil Aviation Rule 101 (CAR101) to aid them to go to work in a safe and efficient manner

Many Councils, major businesses and stakeholders are now requiring operators to hold Part 102 UAOC as evidence that they are employing competent and legal operators to conduct aerial operations.

FlyUAV combines its experience in the helicopter and Unmanned sectors to create operators a practical, well rounded and safe document suite that meets the Civil Aviation Authorities requirements.

FlyUAV has helped over 50 organisations to achieve Part 102 status and is the only exposition service that also operate in the Part 102 environment. This vital part enables FlyUAV to constantly assess, develop and present current and operationally ready expositions to its clients. It is safe to say that FlyUAV operates one of the most complex Part 102 Certificates with the most pilots of ay organization in New Zealand. This knowledge and experience is what sets FlyUAV apart from its competitors.

FlyUAV will tailor develop your exposition for the size and scale of your operation. Small Company’s just starting out can expect a stand-alone solution while larger companies with pre-existing health and safety documentation can choose either stand alone or integrated documentation. All our Expositions aid in compliance considerations with the Health and Safety at Work Act 2105.

Part 102 Variations:

The Part 102 Certification process is conducted between three parties. You as the Operator, The Civil Aviation Authority and ourselves who act as a consultant.

We develop the exposition and the variations that you seek to help you conduct your job. Some of the variations available are:

  • Operations over Property with notification
  • Operations over Property without notification
  • Operations over persons with notification
  • Operations within 4km of Aerodromes with engagement and notification
  • Night Flying un-shielded
  • Operations above 400ft outside of 4km of Aerodromes
  • Operations above 400ft within 4km of Aerodromes
  • Operations within Low Flying Zones
  • Extended Visual Line of Sight Operations
  • Dropping of Articles in complex situations
  • Agri-Chemical Spraying
  • Operations of RPAS above 15kg

All variations are granted on a case by case basis and require additional safety procedures to be implemented. The organisation and the pilots must also meet training and standards for some of these variations. Not all variations are available to all persons.

If you would like to find out more about our service and what variations may be suitable please dot hesitate to contact us.

We run very competitive pricing packages for organisations that are training and completing the Part 102 Certification process at the same time.

Certification Process:

The Certification Process is a stepped approach. To become a Unmanned aircraft Operator certificate(UAOC) holder you must complete several stages. UAOC are only available to sole traders or companies.

1)Your company must develop an exposition outlining how you will maintain safety while making adjustments to the Part 101 Rules. You can develop this yourself however it becomes expensive quickly unless your document writer has experience in the aviation world. FlyUAV has a specialised consultant that can carry out this often painful part for you. Exposition Consultancy starts at $1200 and depending on the complexity of your operation it can cost more. Our expositions are CAA compliant so you can rest easy that the minimum of cost for certification will be charged by CAA.

2) All pilots intending to operate on the UAOC and utilise the variations granted must complete training acceptable to the Civil Aviation Authority. Please see our Advanced Pilot Certificate. Packages are available.

3) CAA Certification. Once the exposition is ready you can submit the application to CAA to become a Part 102. Before the Part 102 is issued your pilots will need to have completed their training course. It can take up to a year to get certificated with CAA so if you are thinking about it get in touch today and lets get the ball rolling. CAA certification costs start at around $2500 and most simple Part 102 certificates utilsing a couple of variations should expect to pay between $2500 and $3500 for certification. However complex Variations (exemptions to Part 101) or incomplete applications or poorly developed expositions can cost many thousands more. For the more direct and cost effective approach chat to FlyUAV today about their exposition consultancy.

If it all seems complicated don’t worry we can create your exposition, help you to fill out the forms, prep you for your interview, train you and your team on your exposition, conduct your pilot training, recommend maintenance organisations and handle any hiccups that may come along the way. We pride ourselves on being a one stop shop to take the gobbledygook out of the equation.



Operational Competency Checks:


Operational Competency Checks (OCA) are a pilots way of ensuring they are flight ad operationally ready. The OCA check is conducted at intervals depending on the certification level required. Either 3 years for a Part 101 or annually for a Part 102.


It is essential to undergo external checking to ensure that current legal and safety practises are being maintained, new technology is explored and understanding of the Performance and risk based environment is current and accurate.


FlyUAV is one of 5 Part 141 Authorised Training Schools for unmanned aircraft training in New Zealand and also trains in Australia and across the Pacific. This exposes FlyUAV to different aviation regulators including CASA (Australia), CAAF (Fiji) Western Samoa (FAA) and many pacific countries using versions of the New Zealand rules (CAA). This helps FlyUAV to assess your pilots and to help them maximise their aircraft and get the most out of their Operations.


Our Examiners are industry leaders and have vast operational experience using Unmanned Aircraft. If we can’t fly your gear we won’t test you on it.


We conduct OCA for pilots on all unmanned weight categories from 200g up to 100kg and beyond.


A typical OCA takes between 45 minutes to half a day depending on the complexity of your operation.


You will be assessed on your documentation and procedures, Flight and Route planning, execution of a scenario you have planned that is relevant to your operation, debrief and any remedial training that is required. At the end of a completed OCA you will be granted a certificate that expires in the right timeframe for your level of certification.


A Standard OCA costs $299+GST

Recognised by the CAA

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