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Flyuav is an industry focused training school that places value on teaching industry professionals about operating safely, efficiently and professionally.

Flyuavs training is run by some of Australasia’s most experienced drone pilots which extensive backgrounds in Television, Media, Asset Inspection, surveillance, and general aviation.

Flyuav has developed a training programme that is fine-tuned for the needs of today’s drone industry. Flyuav will not teach you how to be an airline pilot, it won’t teach you about theoretical nonsense, we won’t put you in a classroom of 15 or more candidates nor will we put you with instructors that only know about aviation from the manned sector.

While there are theoretical modules to learn, Flyuav believes the best way to arm its customers is to conduct a mixture of theory, practical flying and operational scenario-based learning modules. All modules are developed from industry experience – some good and some hard lessons learned along the way.

All Training courses will conduct some flight training as well as classroom to aid in your development as a well rounded and ready to work drone pilot.

Recognised by the CAA

UAV Training courses

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Pilot Introduction Course:

Duration:         Half Day
Cost                 $89 ea or Parent and child up to 14

Our Pilot Introduction course is aimed for those who have recently bought their drone and might be a little apprehensive about taking it out of the box and flying it. This half day course is run on the third Saturday of each month at our Auckland base and is a fun and friendly environment to learn a little bit about dos and don’ts, how to take care of your gear and what look out for. We bring in a drone expert that services the gear along with our friendly pilot team to give you an informative yet easy morning of flying your drone. All ages welcome. Perfect for dads and kids to escape the chores. We end the morning with a BBQ – Careful you don’t slip on the onions though.

Flight Training

Duration:          Houly
Cost                 $105/hr

If you are new to operating your drone and want someone to assist you to learn to operate it then we can offer flight training lessons. We can help you prepare for an Operational Competency Demonstration or maybe offer a few tricks and tips to assist with a Pilot Exam.

It is a great way to learn new skills such as flight modes, autonomous modes and apps such as Pix4 Capture or Maps Made Easy.

This is conducted on an hourly basis and find most people don’t require more than 2-3 hours one on one.

Basic Pilot Certificate (Part 101)

Duration          1 Day
Cost                 $650

You don’t know what you don’t know……

While it is not a legal requirement to have a license to fly a drone in NZ you must comply with all the rules. For someone that is new to aviation, this can be a daunting and easily misunderstood task.

Not only will we teach you how to use your drone but also how to do so safely and within the rule framework.

We will teach you to keep yourself and others safe and have fun .

If you plan on using a drone commercially it is important to understand that all employers are responsible to ensure that staff and/ or contractors are trained to use all plant and equipment in the workplace and this includes drones. Once you have completed the course you will gain a certificate of competency which meets this requirement.

If operating within 4km of Airports and helipads you must also complete a course of training to make your flights legal. There are some exemptions to this and we are happy to discuss them with you and see if this course is right for you.

On this course you will learn:

CAA laws relevant to drone operations
Human Factors and Airman-ship
Maps and map reading
Basic Weather
Hazard minimisation techniques
HSE Legal requirements including PCBU
Aircraft systems
Basic Emergency Procedures
Safe RPAS Flying Techniques
Pilot and Aircraft Limitations
Pre/ Post Flight Checklists
Setting fail safe functions
Safe takeoff and landing areas
Battery condition and monitoring

You will finish your Course with an exam and a Flight Test. Successful completion of this course will enable you to work legally having been trained on your equipment and allows you to fly within 4km of aerodromes with the airport operators agreement.

Advanced Pilot Certificate (Part 102)

Duration:         3 Days
Cost                 $1299

If you have been flying within the 101 framework and now need to operate outside some of those rules then the advanced pilot certificate is for you.

This is a blended course run over three days. Day one is the Basic Pilot Training Course (above), Day two is theory, Practical flying and Scenario Based Learning and day three is more flying, exam and flight test. If you have completed the Basic Pilot Certificate then you will only attend the second and third day. We can also offer Recognition of Prior Learning for some pilot qualifications. Call us to discuss.

This course teaches pilots how to operate legally with some documented and accepted variations to Rule 101 that you and the CAA have agreed on.

You will learn how to operate within the 102 environment which varies from other course providers that just teach you about the rules. We pride ourselves on delivering industry ready pilots though our scenario based learning programme and Part 102 Preparation module. Building on Part 101 knowledge you will learn about:

Threat and error management
Human factors that effect safety
Situational awareness and airmanship
Maintenance programmes
Pilot Currency programmes
Rapid Risk Assessments
Fatigue Management
Aviation weather that effects drone safety
Advanced aviation documentation for flights around airports
Using Part 102 variations and how they work
Setting up Standard Operating Procedures
Systems Architecture and limitations
Emergency Procedures
Safe operations of your RPAS in practical training
Achieving successful outcomes in hazardous environments

At the end of this course you will also sit a quiz and your first Operational Competency Demonstration (OCA). On successful completion you will be issued with an Advanced Pilot Certificate which enables you to work on a CAA issued Part 102 Certificate.

It its also important to understand that an Advanced Pilot Certificate can only be used if you are flying on a CAA approved Unmanned Air Operators Certificate (UAOC). If you are not joining an existing Part 102 you must also apply for a Unmanned Air Operators Certificate of your own. We can help you with that and have done so with a fair chunk of the existing Part 102 with our Exposition and Consultancy Service.

Not only will you train with us but we will teach you how to maximize the variations that we craft for you building on nearly 20 years in the aviation industry

Upcoming Training courses

Part 101
North Island Courses


5th August 2019 – Open

9th September – Open

South Island Courses


14th August 2019 – Open

*Please note that course applications close 10 days prior to the course start and all course fees are due in advance. Places are not confirmed until course fees are received

Part 102
North Island Courses


5th-7th August 2019 – Open

9th-11th September 2019 – Open

South Island Courses


14th-16th August 2019 – Open

*Please note that course applications close 10 days prior to the course start and all course fees are due in advance. Places are not confirmed until course fees are received

International Courses 

Nothing Planned Yet

*Please note that course applications close 20 days prior to the course start and all course fees are due in advance. Places are not confirmed until course fees are received

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