UAV / Drone consulting in New Zealand


The FlyUAV team have operated in general aviation for almost two decades. In this time it has seen some of the best and worst of aviation in recent history.

We have seen many names for the controlling of accidents and incidents from Human Factors, Risk Management, Threat and Error Management, Quality Assurance to Safety Management Systems.

The common denominator in Aviation accidents and incidents are people. FlyUAV staff have studied the person and how they interact with their environment over this time and have concluded that the person in over 90% of accidents and incidents has some component of failure.

Voluntary compliance with the Civil Aviation Rules for Part 101 organisations, regulated compliance for Part 102 organisations aids in the reduction of risk to organisations to accidents, incidents and Loss Time Events.

FlyUAV specialises in:
• Internal and external auditing of your procedures and practises
• Risk Analysis and safety development
• Internal occurrence investigations
• Development of Standard Operating Practices
• Aviation Safety Training

FlyUAV can assist your organisation with one off audits or can be contracted to an ongoing basis to assist your company to minimise safety occurrences.

External Auditing is a great way for smaller organisations to make critical decisions on operations that have elevated risk and to aid organisations of all sizes to fid where they are venerable to help ensure everyone goes home at the end of each shift.

Consultancy fees and packages are available on request

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UAV Consulting
UAV Consulting