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Photography & Videography

In an ever changing and diverse workplace with Health and Safety at the forefront of everyone’s mind it is important to engage with trained industry professionals.

FlyUAV Aerial Specialists are trained to provide the right outcome for your needs.

FlyUAV holds a Part 102 Air Operators Certificate and employs trained and competent pilots to carry out all operations.

Pilots are not just equipment administrators – they are pilots but are also experienced operators in their chosen fields whether that’s Media, Survey, Surveillance, Condition Monitoring and Thermography.


The aerial Perspective completely alters the minds view on the world. FlyUAV Aerial Specialists have a creative eye that not only documents but transforms the environment with the use of Aerial Platforms.


FlyUAV Aerial Specialists don’t just fly drones – they are story tellers.

In todays market where is it necessary to get an audience hooked in the first 15 seconds while understanding that most will loose interest within 90 seconds its crucial that you engage with the right people.

Digital Media is a visual medium to tell your story whether demonstrating your brand, showcasing your products and services or building relationships with your clients. FlyUAV understand this responsibility and through creativity and passion delivery their projects with exceeding expectations in mind.


In today’s changing environment with the publics desire to be kept up to date to the very minute on current affairs, cultural and sporting events. FlyUAV Aerial Specialists will assist you to get your event live and on the airways with the minimal amount of fuss.

FlyUAV works with TV networks and Private organisations to bring their stories to life and to the public.

Please get in touch to discuss your needs and see how we can help you.

Drone Photo
Drone Photo

CAA Certified

Civil Aviation Authority

Frequently asked questions

Yes, Because We Are 102 Certified We Can Operate At Night.

FlyUAV owns a full fleet of different drones. Having options means we will have the perfect craft for the job.

Yes, this is a service we can offer to professional photographers that want to achieve the shot they normally can’t.

How much does it cost? Price depends on a lot of factors, please get in touch for a free estimate.